!! Beginners Inverter... The Career Guardian !!!

    Hope all of you have a healthy family. Take care of yourself and your family. Covid-19, lifestyle has changed due to the corona epidemic. Change is the law of life. The education system has been most affected by this epidemic. It has suddenly become dependent on classroom education online. Our education system was suddenly not ready for this, so the entire education system has stopped. We are a student welfare organization with engineering graduates, so it is our duty that we use our skills to contribute to the technical education and management of the society, enriching the society at the time of this serious problem of the world, nation, and society. Therefore we The Engineers have created this institution named 'Beginners Inverter' which selects students in Engineering, Business, Law, Diploma, and other courses, and gets them admitted to the best colleges as per our test merit. Along with training, learning, corporate culture, moral education, etc. will create a complete personality as well as a complete professional. We are ready to take all this responsibility and everything will be almost free. By doing this, we are not doing any favor to the society, rather it is just an attempt to repay the debt of the society. In this great crisis of the Corona epidemic, if our education system is halted, then our nation will go far behind, so do not panic, do not get upset, come with us, we will take you to a comfortable destination. Our goal is that we should be 1000% of participants in training you to reach the trade. 1000% means 100 at the job and then 10 times the growth rate. We will do this In professional courses, the class rolls out 30%, attitude 20%, training 30%, and vision 20%. We will follow you on the same parameters. You will see your success coming closer and feel the victory. We are the only organization with this mission. We are already getting admission and starting your class and training. AKTU's entrance exam has been postponed. It is expected in September, the session is going to take 6 months. Every single day of life is very important. So do not spoil even a single day. Come take admission with us and we will start your training. By the time the session starts, you will have gained knowledge equivalent to one year. So do not waste a single moment now. 
Your future .... our responsibility !!!
        Come and take the journey of the golden future with Beginners Inverter
        We are your guardian from now onwards until you join the great multinational company !!
        Congratulations and best wishes for a golden future !!!

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